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ShunChen IndustrailFounded in 2013, we now have one hot galvanizing entity production enterprise.And 4 warehousing, logistics, trade in one integrated sales company;And management consulting, international trading company each.Structure and distribution are as follows:    

Sales and Operation Board (Tianjin Shun Chen Steel Co., Ltd.)、(Hebei shun Chen steel co., LTD.)、 (Tianjin shun Wang technology development co., ltd.)、 (Shanghai shun Chen operation center), (Shun Chen hongye management ( Tianjin ) co., ltd.),Tianjin Shun Chen International Trade Co., Ltd.)。

Tianjin shunchen industrial co,ltd. is located in the great qiu zhuang, which owns two parts of the administrative building and the large warehouse.The sales team has about 30 people, with good reputation won the unanimous praise at home and abroad.

Hebei shunchen zinc plating co., LTD. Is located in fengnan coastal industrial zone, tangshan city, hebei province, mainly producing and processing hot galvanized Angle steel, channel steel, etc.Shunchen industrial co., LTD. Is a large galvanized iron and steel supermarket, which has been galvanized and distributed in a large number of tons.

Tianjin ShunChen International Trade Co., Ltd. has achieved a monthly sales volume of 25,000 tons and an annual turnover of one billion RMB. Our mainly products include hot galvanized angle steel, hot-dip galvanized channel steel, hot-dip galvanized square moment tube, round pipe, and other hot-dip galvanized steel. We are located in Jinghai District of TianjinCity with convenient transportation access. We have basically formed a group operation, product branding, marketing systematization, management model. Tianjin ShunChen has accumulated over 20,000 tons of galvanized spot inventories all the year round. At present, ShunChen Industrial has formed a large galvanized iron and steel production and sales platform integrating warehousing and logistics.

Production Section Production base of Tangshan Shunchen Galvanizing Co., Ltd. has four hot-dip galvanizing production lines. The company undertakes all year processing of galvanized steel in various specifications and angle steel, channel steel, I-beam, and rectangular galvanized pipe. The annual productivity is 300,000 tons. Our product was sold to all over the country. We will always adhere to the honesty and lawful-operation business principle with high quality and reasonable price for mutual benefit and common development.

We are looking forward to establishing a long-term business relationship with overseas in the near future based on mutual benefits. If you are interested in our products or our company, please feel free to contact us for more details!

Educationto inherit Chinese fragrance, tea ceremony and Zen culture, inherit family style, create harmonious family, cultivate excellent talents for enterprises, become the wind vane and talent pool of enterprises.We believe: the more mature shunchen industry will lead galvanizing industry advance with more firm step, time doesn’t wait for me sense of urgency and strong sense of mission.

We will always adhere to the principle of sincerity and faith with high quality and low price, in order to reach mutual benefit and common development with our customer friends.


ShunChen public benefit with goodness

the call based on  love is the deepest call,the enterprise based on voluntary is the most life force enterprise. The act of serving others is the noblest act, and the language of the devotee is the most communicative human language. Since tianjin shunchen start to “shunchen public benefit” it has participated in social public welfare undertakings, has practiced the green environmental protection, student activities such as love, spread love, spread the positive energy, for the development of society, harmony, do their own meager power, assume social responsibility. Add a little power for China!

  1.  Any units or individuals ordering one ton of steel, you will be able to contribute one rmb public welfare fund to support

      social undertakings.

   2.  Anyone accumulates one hundred yuan of public welfare funds will be "shunChen public benefit" member.

   3.  All membership of "public interest" shun Chen, shun Chen regularly inform donation amount of funds and donations will

      be AIDS certificate passed to you, let you confidence   with every corner of your statement is more fascinating!

   4. Follow-up activities, precise expectations...


Tianjin Shunchen International Co.,Ltd
Hebei shunchen galvanized co,ltd.
Tangshan shunchen galvanized co,ltd.


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